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police deptPolice

155 Willingham Ave.

Baldwin, GA 30511-2067

Phone: (706) 776-5256

Fax: (706) 776-8125




The Baldwin Police Department is committed to serving the citizens of Baldwin, Georgia, and we take pride in our department and our community. Our officers and staff are committed to enforcing the laws of our state while protecting life and property. Doing so with pride and professionalism. It is an honor to serve you!

Baldwin Police Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Baldwin Police Department is to maintain peace and order by providing high quality police services that are responsive to the needs of the citizens of the City of Baldwin, We protect life and property by apprehending those who commit criminal acts, by developing partnerships to prevent, reduce, or eliminate neighborhood problems, and by providing police services that are fair, professional, and respectful of the dignity of all citizens of Baldwin.

Police Chief

Charles Webb

Scott Harvey -Sargent

Richard Lowery - Sargent


police badgeJacob Coffey

Lindsay Velez

Stephanie Bennett

Isreal Segars

Richard Hunter

Administrative Personnel

Baldwin Police Department conducts Georgia criminal background checks for various staffing and pre-employment companies. The Georgia criminal background search comes directly from the state's repository, the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). The GCIC database provides results beginning around the 1970s. Baldwin Police Department's GCIC Department has been running since around 1997. Baldwin Police Department can process searches by fax or email. Please call 706-778-1739 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in our GCIC department.

GCIC Operators:

TAC1- Amy  Ervin

Rachel Bryant

Joyce Lewellen

Victoria Coffey

Mary Hilton

Lacey Davidson

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