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Community Vision: "The City of Baldwin is and will remain a family-oriented community that seeks balanced growth and economic opportunity for all citizens, while respecting our past and envisioning a brighter future."

Feed TowerThe City of Baldwin understands that our success depends on your success. Therefore, we are committed to actively promoting business growth throughout the city including industrial, commercial and retail opportunities. We are committed to actively work with local, regional and state partners to encourage and promote economic investments from local, national and international sources. We seek to strengthen the local tourism industry and those businesses that support tourism. This helps us to capitalize on local resources along the US 441 and SR 365 corridors. Our commitment also includes supporting the business community by working with area chambers of commerce, development authorities and other local, regional and state business associations to develop local programs that offer technical support and guidance for area entrepreneurs and business owners.

We are a business-friendly community and starting a new business in Baldwin means more than just opening your doors for business. For us it’s about growing our family and having a valued member as a part of our community. To learn more about how we can help you, please contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at City Hall, 130 Airport Road, Baldwin, GA 30511, Ph. (706)-778-6341.

Doing Business in Baldwin

business in BaldwinIf you are planning to do business in the City of Baldwin, there are some important things you need to know. First, the city requires that all businesses obtain a business license. Applications can be downloaded here or be picked up at City Hall. Failure to comply with this law can result in the closing of your business and/or civil/criminal penalties. All business licenses are distributed according to S.I.C. code.

Business Occupation Tax

The business occupation tax (licensing fee) is based on a sliding scale of the number of employees within the business. A summary of the Tax Table is listed below:

Number of Employees

Tax  Due

After July 1st*

1-4 $75.00 $37.50
5-8 $100.00 $50.00
9-12 $150.00 $75.00
13-50 $225.00 $112.50
51-100 $325.00 $162.50
101+ $400.00 $200.00
Professional Service Fee $225.00** $112.50**

*For New Applications

**Flat Fee

Beer & Wine Licenses & Fees

The City of Baldwin requires that any business that sells alcoholic beverages, whether by package or by drink, be licensed by the city. Applications for a new license or renewal of existing license can be obtained at City Hall or by clicking here. All licenses must be renewed annually in January of each year. Below is a list of all fees associated with the license:

License Classification


Malt Beverage Wholesale $750.00
Wine Wholesale $750.00
Malt Beverage & Wine Retail Package $1,600.00
Malt Beverage & Wine for Consumption on Premises (Restaurant Only)

Malt Beverage $1,000.00

Wine   $1,000.00

Distilled Spirits (Liquor) $1,000.00

Pouring Permit Per Employee (21 & Up)


Administrative Fee (For application processing and background investigations $250.00

These fees must be paid at the time the application is filed with the city. For more information about licensing, please contact City Hall at (706)-778-6341. For a complete list of fees please download this PDF: 2014 Fee Schedule.

Annexation, Construction and Rezoning Activities

The City of Baldwin requires that all construction and development activities within the city limits be permitted prior to such activity beginning. This includes permits for commercial construction activity (structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas, swimming pools, demolitions, etc.), certificates of occupancy, annexations, re-zoning requests and commercial signs.

Please note that beginning work prior to the issuance of permits will result in the city issuing a Stop Work Order and a penalty of double the permit fee will apply for each required permit.

Information about the application process and fees associated with building & development permits can be found here, or at City Hall. You may contact City Hall at (706)-778-6341.

Water and Sewer

Baldwin HousingThe City of Baldwin provides water and sewer for all commercial and industrial developments within the city. Currently, the city has about a million gallons of excess capacity available for purchase. We are committed to the aggressive pursuit of local, state and federal resources for funding needed infrastructure projects that will help us meet both current and future demands for water and sewer services.


Water Connection Fee Schedule


In accordance with the City of Baldwin Ordinance 0029-6001-07-95, Article II: Anyone using water without applying for service at Baldwin City Hall or tempering with Baldwin water meters (turning the meter on or damaging the water meter) shall be charged with a misdemeanor, which includes up to a $500.00 fine or 6 months in jail, or both, plus; a service charge of $50.00 will be added to a customer’s account each time a City of Baldwin employee is required to check the customer’s meter to verify the meter is off. In accordance with the city of Baldwin Ordinance 0029-28:

All property and buildings within the incorporated area of the City of Baldwin, Georgia shall be numbered in accordance with the policies of the City of Baldwin, Georgia for the numbering of property and buildings along all streets, avenues, and other public ways within the city.

  • All numbers assigned to houses and buildings shall be placed on such houses and buildings within forty-five (45) days after such numbers are assigned.
  • The cost of numbers shall be borne by the property owner.
  • The numbers used shall not be less than three (3) inches in height and shall be made of durable and clearly visible material of a contrasting background that will allow twenty-four hour visibility.
  • If property is not properly numbered, then the property owner shall receive a citation, and face a fine of a maximum of up to $50.00.

List of Current Charges

Meter Set With Backflow (Inside City) $1,200.00
Meter Set With Backflow (Outside City) $1,350.00
Bore Under Road Or Driveway $800.00
New Connect Fee (Deposit) – Renters $100.00
New Connect Fee (Deposit) – Owners $100.00
Sewer Tap Fee (Inside City) $1,200.00
Sewer Tap Fee (Outside City) $1,350.00
System Development Fee* $1,150.00

*System development fee for developments, businesses, or other users other than single family residential, also including but not limited to residential apartments and manufactured homes, will be defined as producing flows presented in Table 2 of the engineering study. For a complete list of fees please download this PDF: 2014 Fee Schedule.

Rates (Inside City)


Minimum-First 2,000 Gallons $10.00
Next 4,000 GALS (2,001-6,000 GALS) $5.30/1,000 GALS
Next 3,000 GALS (6,001-9,000 GALS) $7.95/1,000 GALS
9,001 GALS-Over $10.60/1,000 GALS


Minimum-First 2,000 Gallons $15.50
Next 2,000-6,000 Gallons  $7.85/1,000 GALLONS
Next 6,001-9,000 Gallons  $8.10/1,000 GALLONS
Next 9,001+ Gallons $8.45/1,000 GALLONS




Rates (Outside City)


Minimum-First 1,000 Gallons $19.00
Next 5,000 GALS (1,001-5,000 GALS) $6.25/1,000 GALS
Next 3,000 GALS (5,001-8,000 GALS) $9.38/1,000 GALS
8,001 GALS-Over

$12.50/1,000 GALS


Minimum-First 2,000 Gallons  $17.80
Next 2,001-6,000 Gallons   $8.25/1,000 GALLONS
Next 6,001-9,000 Gallons & Over 9,001  $8.55 to $9.00/1,000 GALLONS



 For a complete list of fees please download this PDF: 2014 Fee Schedule.

Baldwin Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Baldwin wastewater facility was built in 2003 and designed for an average flow of .8 MGD. The current average flows are .4 MGD with .15 MGD in reserve, leaving .25 MGD available for growth. The City is currently in the process of working with the EPD and USDA for expansion at the facility.

Baldwin Water Treatment Facility

The Baldwin water facility has a withdraw permit for 4 MGD maximum with a monthly average not to exceed 3.0 MDG from the Chattahoochee River. The treatment plant has two Trident water plants that are rated at 2.0 MGD each. The Baldwin water plant currently treats an average of 1.8 MGD. On average that would allow for approximately 1.2 MGD of potable water that could be treated and available for further growth. Additional capacity would require a withdrawal permit modification.

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